Do You See That Scale Creeping Upwards Weekly Right Now?

Join this 12-Day Challenge to keep things in check in between the holidays and have a chance to earn a prize as well!


The Challenge:

STEP 1: Read Your Lessons Daily

You will have daily tasks and reading that you must do in order to be eligible for the prize. The reading is short - think less than 5 minutes to read! A new unit will open up daily. You will be learning some new habits, tips and things you can do to help maintain your weight during the holidays. YOU WILL HAVE A DAILY QUIZ (3-5 questions that pertain to the reading) that you will have to do.

 You can always go back and read the habit at any time during the challenge.

MAKE SURE YOU MARK THEM AS DONE. This program is able to see how long you stayed on a unit.  You will be asked to fill in a short  quiz to make sure you have done the reading.

You will have access to a group area where you can help each other or ask questions.


STEP 2: Walk daily.

In order to help maintain the weight, daily walking is required.  Each week you will be asked to perform steps daily. The person who walks the most steps will win as long as they have achieved a minimum of 105,000 steps in two weeks.  

You will need to share your steps with me the next day. You can screenshot or share with me via this app or invite me to see your steps through an app like MyFitnessPal etc. 

The ways you can report your daily steps:

  • Take a picture of your pedometer

  • Download a step or exercise app like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit etc and either screenshot and upload to your coach in the app


STEP 3: Weigh in 2 times.  

You will be required to weigh in the first day, and the 12th day of the app.  A reminder will be sent to you on those days. 

Ways to report your weight to your coach:

  • If you have a bluetooth scale, you can send the data to your coach in app

  • Take a picture of yourself barefoot on your scale showing your weight and sent privately via the app

STEP 4: The Winner is Decided


The person who does best will be given a gift certificate to Amazon equal to $15 per paying participant.  So if 20 people participate.  You will get a $300.  To win this, you must have show you maintained (or lost the most) weight during this time, you walked the most steps and you read all articles.  You must have at a minimum, read all articles and taken all quizzes, walked the most steps and at least maintained your weight during this time.   If no one has achieved this, no one will win.  If there is a tie, the certificate will be divided between those that tie.


$79 to Enter