The Spivi Software

A Whole New Experience

Spivi® turns traditional indoor cycling sessions into a fun and thrilling experience. Group activity is monitored in real time by Spivi’s core engine which uses it to simulate the outdoors.   Participants can see their personal avatars on screen, track their training goals and gain better results over time. The scenery pushes people to their limits, increases motivation and makes them come back for more classes.

The Riding Zone

The Riding Zone provides intuitive way to keep participants following the training goals. When the Riding Zone is displayed, members can simply see where they have to ride in order to stay within the range of the training program goals. It creates more effective training and a better understanding of that training for the participant.

Live Performance Feedback & Data

Spivi® collects data from sensors on all bikes in the studio, combines them with the participants personal information and privacy settings preferences, and generates live performance feedback. Attributes such as Heart-Rate, Power, Cadence, Speed, Distance, Energy, Burned calories and more are available.  All of which can be accessed later.

Data Analysis

Participants will be able to track their performance over time, getting better every time! People can watch their effort compared to others in class, track their log and share their workouts data with others in their own private area.  If you want privacy, you can opt out of these features but still have your data online in your own private area on the online Spivi Software.


Are you one of those people who thrives on a bit of competition?  Then you’ll like our leaderboard, which will be on our website soon and displays an up-to-date list that summarizes the Spivi® scores of our participants on all recent rides with four optional views: this week, last week, this month and last month. At the end of class, you can see your stats onscreen.  You can opt out of this function in your personalized area under settings and spivi class settings

Automatic Email of Data After Class

After each class Spivi® analyzes the data it collected and sends a summary email to all participants who took the class. Participants will have their recent performance analysis at the moment they leave their bikes: Distance,
Average RPM, Total Energy, Spivi® Ecosystem Points, &
 link to performance log and graphs

Spivi is the latest in 3D Simulator technology.  Allowing you your own personal avatar to participate in the class.

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