Setting Up Your Profile Before Class

Download first part of  Profile Instructions in PDF format

STEP 1: Setting Up Your Online Profile Before Class


Both computer and mobile users should go to the SCHEDULE link of this website and open page.


  • If on computer, click on the MY PROFILE LINK just above  the schedule table
  • If on mobile, click on the SETTINGS tab at the right hand bottom side of the screen


Enter email address and password used to purchase a class.

(ClassPass Customers:  If you have not made a separate account with us,  please use the email you used for ClassPass and the password: ascent123)



Click on the profile tab


Enter your birthdate and weight.  


Next, enter your Functional Threshold Power number.  If you are an avid outdoor cyclist (3-5 times a week), click on this link AVID OUTDOOR CYCLISTS FTP CHART , all others click FTP CHART to determine the Functional Threshold Power number you should enter


Enter your Max Heart Rate.    If you know your Max HR, enter.  Otherwise, calculate it by using the following equation:

220 – YOUR AGE

(or CLICK HERE to see Chart for Max Heart Rate Numbers)


UNCHECK the box just above the MAX HEART RATE.


You do not need to fill in the Lactate Threshold or Resting Heart rate sections, the program will determine that over time.



STEP 2: Directions for Setting Up APP for Bike

We highly suggest you download the free ICG Training App so you can pair it with our bikes.  It will save you time from having to input a bunch of data every time you come to a class.  Follow the directions below.


Go to the app store on your phone and download the free ICG Training App.

indoor cycling class app


Open up the app and go to the Main Menu by selecting menu key on top left hand side of app.

spinning class


Click on the Sign Up tab at the bottom right hand corner of the account.  This will be a different account than your Ascent account.

spin studio


Enter your info to setup a new account.  For ease, we recommend using the same email and password that you use for the Ascent account

spin studio


From the Main Menu, select ACCOUNT.  Then select EDIT PERSONAL DETAILS.

indoor cycling studio


Enter your personal information (see next step for FTP and Heart Rate Max). For your weight, take your weight in pounds and divide by 2.2kg or use chart HERE.

spin class details


If you are an avid outdoor cyclist (3-5 times a week), click on this link AVID CYCLISTS FTP CHART , all others click on FTP CHART to determine the Functional Threshold Power number you should enter  Enter the number.  For HEART RATE MAX, use your max if you know it, or use the same number you did for the SPIVI setup HERE.  Save.  You are now ready to setup the bike.

OPTIONAL: Directions for Pairing Personal Heart Rate Strap at Home for Spin Class

Please note ONLY heart rate straps work, not heart rate watches.  Your heart rate strap needs to be Bluetooth or ANT+ enabled. Even Orange Theory heart rate straps work.  Please note, if you have a Polar heart rate strap, it must be the H7, which is Bluetooth enabled.  All other heart rate straps by Polar will work on the bike but not on the computer systems to follow on screen. If you cannot get the strap to pair with the app, bring it in and we will pair with our system.  Remember to tell the instructor that you want to pair a strap.


You can set up your heart rate monitor from home before you come in if it is Bluetooth compatible.  Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on in your phone.  Go into settings and select PAIR HR STRAP.


If you know the BLE or ANT+ number of your strap, you can enter here.  Or your can scan for it as long as your bluetooth is enabled.

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