The Science

What does all this data mean?

Why Heart Rate Training?

Our heart rate based, high intensity classes are science-based workouts that will increase metabolism and create weight loss.   This “afterbun effect” is also know as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) that not only increases the calories burned during exercise but also increases the calorie burn after exercise for up to  14 to 24 hours later. Performing exercise at 70 to 85% of an individual’s max heart rate makes sure that individual is working hard and staying in the right zones to shred calories and burn fat.

Why Power Training?

Energy = Power Output per Unit of Time


To burn calories you must exert energy.  In order to create power, you have to use your resistance knob. Primary focus for energy burn needs to be on the overall power output on the bike. Power is determined by your resistance level and cadence. But because spin bikes are stationary and have a 40 lb flywheel attached to them, the bike is pushing you instead of you pushing you at cadences above 120 RPM.. By adding resistance, real power, instead of artificial power caused by the flywheel, leads to a higher calorie burn.

Our Coach By Color System

Tired of not knowing the right resistance to spin at?  Our bikes will determine your “sweet spot” of training using functional threshold power (FTP) science creating intensity levels of color that are based around your capabilities.  So your “GREEN” intensity might be at 30 to 40 level while someone else’s may be 50 to 60.  But  your are both spinning at an intensity that will get your the speed, power, endurance, strength and weight loss goals your want.  No more guesswork.

Tracking Tools

Right now, you can download the ICG Training App, input your data and upload it to our bikes overtime you come in, so you can consistently see your performance increase over time.  You’ll be able to compare past workouts and notice trends so you can tweak as you go along to fit the changes in your body.  You can share those workouts with friends or social media.

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Why Spinning over Treadmill Interval Training?

Spinning is much more gentle on the joints. Running on a treadmill can put great stress upon these areas of the body, especially if good form is not used. Spinning does not have this effect as there is no adverse impact on the lower body.

The Coaching Tools & Technology

Heart rate monitors, power meters, and your avatar onscreen will guide you through your class. Whether you take the more laid back PULSE class, the leaderboard driven EDGE class, or the HIIT circuit training SCULPTCYCLE, you will get a well rounded workout.  Plus you WILL see changes in weight, muscle tone and performance.

The Results

Our coaches understand heart rate and power training more than any other studio in Houston. With the upbeat music, hi-tech atmosphere, they will encourage you to perform at your best and reach your fitness goals in the quickest way possible.  Results you won’t see at any other studio.

***Based on eating a nutritious well-balanced diet and attending 3 to 5 classes a week. Performance metrics will improve, even without a balanced diet as long as attending classes and following coaching.

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