Music, Avatars and Fun!


Indoor Cycling Classes

Spinning Classes


Ascent has combined Spivi® virtual reality software with fantastic music, and live feed back to create an intense but thrilling workout like no other.

Come get lost in the music and simply enjoy a great ride while controlling your avatar on the screen! A dark room, great beats and your own personal avatar lets you immerse yourself into the workout. Heart Rate monitors are NOT required for this class but if you use one your data can be emailed to you after class.


Spivi® software turns traditional indoor cycling sessions into a fun and thrilling experience that passes the time in a flash. Your bike is directly hooked up to the avatar in on screen so you can control how fast or slow the avatar is going.  Plus your information from the ride can be found online in your own personal area provided by Spivi.


If you have a Bluetooth/ANT+ heart rate monitor strap, bring it to the class so you can see more data.  Please note that watch only heart rate monitors do not accurately connect to the system.  It must be a Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible strap.

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