Group Fitness Classes

Body weight training at its best. These classes will include body weight training and drills to help you gain strength and lose weight.

Group Fitness Classes

Restorative Stretch

This unique class has been called “yummy” by our members. This class combines a fascia class, a trigger point class and a Yin Yoga class all into one.  Fascia, trigger point and stretching will help get your body into shape to increase your performance or decrease tightness that can cause aches and pains.  You will leave in a total state of Zen.

HIIT Circuit Training

This high intensity interval training class is a circuit based class, using body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands and other various tools to give you a whole body workout in 40 minutes. Guaranteed to workout every part of your body.

Challenge Classes

Need help getting to your goals?  Whether it is weight loss or strength gains that you are looking for. These special classes combine community, online tools and atonement to get you there.  One set fee allows you to attend any of the classes during the challenge period (varies from challenge to challenge).  You will find the sense of camaraderie and support like no other to help you achieve your goals.

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