First Time at Ascent – FAQs

New Customers:


Please note the different classes have different check in times for New Customers:



All new customers must ARRIVE 30 MINUTES EARLY to set up computer systems & learn the power meters. You will not be allowed in if you do not arrive 30 minutes early. No exceptions.



All new customers must arrive 15 minutes early.  You MUST have taken a spin class somewhere before to attend this class.  This is a virtual ride and therefore no instructors are present to teach you how to use the bike


GROUP FITNESS CLASSES (HIIT, Body Balance, Restorative Stretch)

All new customers to group fitness classes must arrive 10 minutes early.



No new customers are allowed in these classes.

Most Common Question:

I have taken spin classes before, do I really need to come 30 minutes early for the EDGE, PULSE or SCULPTCYCLE Classes?


The answer: YES


This is not a “spin” class in the normal sense of a spin class.  The bike configuration is different and your performance metrics are critical for the enjoyment and benefit  to your class.  We have to go through following once you arrive:

  • Download Ascent app and enter fitness metrics online.  This will give you baseline data from the get-go and will add to your experience and enjoyment of the class
  • Set you up with a heart rate monitor and shoes if required
  • Review bike set up and use of computer,  introducing you to our Coach-By-Color method

What are the Requirements for New Customers for Spin Classes and Group Fitness Classes?


  • All new clients (and anyone who has never attended a cycling class before) must arrive 30 minutes early if attending the cycling classes.  We need to set you up on the computers with the new technology and this takes a bit of time the first time.  New customers will not be allowed in less than 30 minutes before the class starts under any circumstances.  There are no exceptions. 


  • We recommend setting up your profile online beforehand so your heart rate maximum will be correct.  Directions on how to do this are HERE.


  • If you are attending the EDGE Cycle class you are REQUIRED to use a heart rate monitor during this class.  Your first heart rate monitor rental is free.  You can bring your own ANT+/ Bluetooth enabled heart rate strap or you can rent or purchase one from Ascent.  After your first class, you can save time and money buy paying for your rental before class by going HERE.


  • If you have not used cycling shoes with clips before and are attending the SculptCycle class, you may want to bring athletic shoes to use as it can be cumbersome and frustrating getting on and off the bike during the class.  We have cages for athletic shoes on all bikes.


  • For Group Fitness Classes like the HIIT Circuit Group Training or the Restorative stretch, you must arrive 10 minutes early to sign the waiver and sign in.  We do not allow anyone into the group classes late, so please call if there are any issues.


  • CALL US at 713-487-8015 if you think you are running late and we will make sure you don’t get charged for your first class. We would rather be flexible so you can try our our unique studio and are willing to work with you

As a New Customer, What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My First Cycling Class?

  • It is recommended that you setup your metrics for the class online beforehand. Otherwise your max heart rate will not be correct and the experience in the class is not as fun. You can find directions on how to set up the profile HERE


  • We do rent SPD-cleated cycling shoes.  They are free for the first class and can be rented for $3 after.  You can bring your own cycling shoes but they must have SPD cleats (not SLs).  Our bikes are duel-sided so you can wear athletic shoes as well for the cages if you prefer not to use cycling shoes. If you are not sure if yours fit, be sure to bring athletic shoes as well.


  • If you have a Bluetooth or ANT+ heart rate strap monitor, bring it with you so we can pair you before class. You must arrive at least 15 minutes early to guarantee pairing with the bike.  We do rent heart rate monitors and your first rental is free.


  • Make sure you wear appropriate and safe clothing on the bike so you are not turned away (i.e. no flip-flops, open-toes shoes, long flowing pants that can get caught in the cranks, etc.)


  • TO SAVE TIME, you can now sign a waiver before you arrive online. Fill in the waiver HERE

How Do I Make the Best out of the Technology?

  • Enter Your Correct Metrics BEFORE class starts.  Go to  and select the My Profile area to enter your age, weight etc BEFORE class. Otherwise your maximum heart rate will be off and the experience will not be as good.
    • Use the same email you used to sign up for the class or ClassPass. Default password if you never set that up or use ClassPass is ascent123  



  • FitBit, Apple and other watches are not compatible with our system, only heart rate straps
    • Most heart rate straps work with our system, even Orange Theory straps. If you have a Polar, it must be a H7 to work properly with our system.
    • If you have a Bluetooth or ANT+ heart rate strap, bring it to class. You must arrive 10 minutes before class so we can pair your device. We cannot guarantee pairing with the computer unless you come 10 minutes early.

What are the Requirements for New Customers to Group Fitness Classes?


  • Some of the Yoga, Barre and Pilates classes require socks.  If you forget your socks we have some available for purchase


  • For HIIT and more intensive classes, athletic shoes are required. You are no longer allowed in late to the HIIT class.  We spend the few minutes explaining the exercises and showing how to do them and if you show up late, we cannot not safely show you how to do each station without interrupting others in the class who were on time or putting your safety at risk.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Cycling Classes
  • Make sure to wear appropriate breathable exercise clothing.  If you are wearing long pants, make sure they are fitted as you don’t want to have flowing pants to get caught in the pedals.


  • We now rent SPD-cleated cycling shoes.  They are free for the first class and can be rented for $3 after.  You can bring your own cycling shoes but they must have regular SPD cleats (not SLs).  Our bikes are duel-sided so you can wear athletic shoes as well for the cages if you prefer not to use cycling shoes.


  • You can bring a water bottle if you like, however we have free water bottles for you to use if you forget yours.


Group Classes
  • Appropriate exercise clothing


  • Some of the Yoga, Barre and Pilates classes require socks.  If you forget your socks we have some available for purchase


  • For HIIT and more intensive classes, athletic shoes are required

What Amenities Do You Provide?


  • We provide water bottles if you forget yours


  • We provide towels both in and out of the studio


  • Your first class we provide free heart rate rental and free shoe rental for your first class. After the first class, you can rent either one for the class if you need.  Rental of shoes or heart rate monitors  are $3 each at the desk or $5 for both.  You can save money by renting online beforehand.  Shoe or heart rate rentals are $2 each online.


  • There are healthy snacks available if you need both before and after class and well as coffee to-go.


  • We have lockers to put your goods while in class


  • We have hair ties, ear plugs, lockers, blowdryers, spray deodorant and other amenities to help you get ready if you need free of charge.  We currently do not have showers but we do provide dry shampoo and warm wet towels to help you get ready if you need

How Do I Sign Up for a Class and Sign the Online Waiver?


  • You can sign up for scheduled classes HERE


  • If you want to save time beforehand, you can sign an online waiver and avoid paperwork at the front desk.  You can do this any time before class HERE
Heart rate training, indoor cycling, spinning classes, heart rate monitor

Can I Bring My Own Heart Rate Monitor or Rent One?

  • You can bring your own heart rate strap. Our system is compatible with any Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible heart rate strap.  The system cannot work with the watches due to the inconsistency in the signal from watches.  Heart rate straps like Garmin, Wahoo and Polar H7, and Orange Theory all work with the system.  Please be aware that only BLE H7 Polar heart rate straps work with the system.  You must show up 15 minutes early so we have time to pair your heart rate to our system, which takes time.


  • You can also rent a heart rate monitor.  We sanitize the heart rate straps in between all classes so you can be assured of their cleanliness.  You can rent them online beforehand for $2 or in person for $3 at the studio

What are the Check-in, Cancellation and Late/No- Show Policies?


  • All students MUST check in 2 minutes prior (FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: 30 minutes prior for EDGE, PULSE, & SCULPTCYCLE, 15 minutes prior for epicRIDES and Sufferfest, and 10 for Group Training Classes) to class or risk having their seat given away if the class is full. New customers are not allowed in class less than 30 minutes before.  No exceptions.  If you need to cancel, you can cancel online or call the studio at 832-925-7473


  • Please wear appropriate workout gear so you are not turned away



  • All classes must be cancelled 12 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the class. Monthly memberships will only be charged a $10 late fee if you do not cancel by email or call 2 hours in advance.


  • We do realize that sometimes emergencies do happen so call us at 832-925-7473 and we will see if we can accommodate you.  Please note that it is up to the discretion of the staff on whether we can help you or not.  If you are a first time customer, call us and we will try to accommodate you so you have a chance to try out our studio next time.



  • If you have been to Ascent before, you must call beforehand if you know you are running late. We can let you into the class up to five minutes late as long as there is a seat close to the entrance and it will not disrupt the class.  If it is determined the class is too full and you may disrupt it, you will not be let in late. If you do not call beforehand, we cannot guarantee your seat will not be given to standby customer.
    • It is up to the sole discretion of the staff to decide if your entrance to class will be disruptive or not.


  • New customers must be there 30 minutes before class and will not be let less than 30 minutes before class under any circumstances.

How do I download my info to my Garmin, Training Peak, Strava, etc.?

We have added the ability to download workout data as files in FIT format.

FIT or Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer is a file format used by many fitness companies to transfer and save workout data. From now you can download your FIT files and upload them to other services such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo and others.

Find out how to download your data HERE

indoor cycling data download strava garmin



How do I sign up for classes?

Click on the links for sign up now and that will take you to our online booking system, where you can purchase individual classes or packages. After paying for your package, you can choose what classes you would like to attend. Classes open up two weeks in advance for booking.



What if I am pregnant or have injuries?

Please inform your instructor or trainer so they can modify things for you in the class. It is YOUR responsibility to let the trainer know what issues you might have that may affect your ability to exercise.



When buying a class package, how do I know which class is included?

If you are buying a 4, 8 or 20  pack series, you can buy towards the specific package.Ascent Classes Packages include all regular Ascent Cycling, Sufferfest, SculptCycle, MS 150 Cycling Classes, and Group Training Classes. It does not include challenges, special event classes or specialty series.




How do I opt out of the leaderboard so my info is not seen?

You can opt out on the My Profile Link under the schedule.  When you sign up for class, you will also be sent an email from SPIVI.  Follow the link in this email to change settings.  Choose Ascent Fitness as your home studio.  Go into Account & Setting, there you can go into Spivi Class Settings and you can opt out of your name being shown and from appearing on the leaderboard by unclicking all boxes.    Part of the purpose of the Spivi software is so you can follow the programming onscreen with cadence, so please make a note of your bike number so you can figure out what avatar is yours onscreen to follow the program.


Or you can opt out of the leaderboard at sign in and the front desk when you pick your bike.



What is Spivi?

Spivi is a online virtual reality software that tracks data from the bike you are using. You will have your own personal avatar onscreen with your bike number on it so you can see if you are following the programming correctly.   Spivi tracks cadence (rpm) and heart rate if you are wearing a Bluetooth or ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor strap (not watch).  To create better programming, Spivi allows instructors to monitor rpm during the class by instructing where your avatar needs to be.  At the end of class, your data will be emailed to you and you can click on the link to see more info on performance metrics in your own personal area.


If you want more accurate data, we recommend following the the link from Spivi sent to you before your first class and filling out weight, FTP and any other data you may know.  This allows performance metrics to be more accurate.  You can opt out of the class leaderboard by gong into Settings and then Spivi Class Settings.  Unclick all boxes to keep your information private.  Spivi does not sell your info or give your info to any other venders.  Privacy is maintained.  Even our staff cannot go into your own personal area.


Can I Waitlist a Class?

Yes. Click on the wait list link and you will automatically be added to the wait list. If a spot becomes available you will automatically be added to the list and charged for the class. If you change your mind about wanting to be on the wait list, you must cancel your wait list spot prior to 2 hours in advance in order to not be charged.


Are Classes Passes Refundable?

No.  All class sales are final.  All charity event are non-refundable as some or, in some cases, all profits go to the charity.

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