Classes at Ascent


No popcorn jumps, no hovers and no push-ups in these classes. This is straight on cardiovascular training using the science of heart rate monitors, power meters and virtual reality software. We keep you entertained with great music, avatars and performance metrics. Wattage is the best way to monitor calorie burn and we guarantee you are burning more calories in our spinning classes than any other in the city.  We help you monitor your intensity as the class goes to make sure you are doing what you need to do to reach your goals.  No misleading claims in this class. You put the work in, you will see better performance and body changes. Add to that the Spivi virtual reality software and you have an experience that can’t compare!


This class brings together the best of both worlds in indoor cycling and group fitness.  Our roomy spin studio allows for you to get on and off your bike during your class to do interval cycling and weight lifting.  REAL weights, REAL exercises, and REAL results.  This fast pace class goes by quickly as you rotate on and off the bike to get your full cardio and upper body workout in.


ASCENT has a variety of classes that work the whole body. Body weight, gliders, free weights, rubber resistance and HIIT are some of the variety of modes of training to help you become strong.


Have a sport of choice that you want to get better at?  Or just want to be better with balance.  This is the class for you.  This class uses balance exercises and core exercises to create a strong trunk and core that WILL make you better at any sport or activity you do. Will even out strength in legs and arms and strengthen the core.

Restorative Stretch

What cyclist couldn’t use a bit of Stretch & Yin Yoga?  This class can improve  flexibility by use of rollers, trigger point, stretching and yoga… all of which are imperative to a good ride and overall performance and wellbeing. This class has been called “Yummy” by many of our customers.  Cheaper and more effective than a massage!

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