BP MS 150 Training


Don’t Have Time for Outdoor Training Every Weekend?

We have the solution for you! Need to increase your speed, stamina and power?  These classes are for you!  Guaranteed to make you stronger and faster.


Our EDGE classes are designed to meet the needs of those that are training for the BP MS 150. We use heart rate and power training in these classes to make sure you actually see improvement and RESULTS.

This year, the MS 150 Training Series is part of our regular Ascent Packages, so no need to buy the packages separately.

All our our classes at Ascent will get you stronger, but the EDGE classes, do just what they say, they give you that “EDGE.”


Class Timings:*

  • 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings
  • 5:30am on Wednesday and Friday mornings
  • 8am on Saturdays (1 hour class)

*Additional times may be added according to popularity

MS150 Training Series

Want to Train Outside?

Bike Barn Rides are a great way to get those miles on the bike.

Training Rides– Choose the store closest to you and join in on their weekly ride in order to prepare yourself for the trek to Austin. Check the store ride calendar HERE


Need a Team? – Join Bike Barn’s Team!  They offer awesome accommodations, fantastic meal options, amazing support and most importantly loads of fun! Find out more HERE

Already Have a BP MS 150 Team?

From team competitions to private training, we can do just about everything for you.  Below are examples of how we can help your team:

  • Private team competitions for fun.  We can set up special times and classes just for your group to train


  • Impromptu “Rainy Weather” classes when a ride has been cancelled.  You can contact us immediately at info@ascent.fitness and leave your telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as we can and try to set up a last minute indoor training ride for your group.


  • We are a Sufferfest Embassy, so we can provide Sufferfest Large Screen Training with or without instructors


  • Coming Soon: RealRides.  Imagine riding down a road on the big screen.  Ascent can provide the scenery as if you were on a real ride but add the training as well


  • Free Function Threshold Power (FTP) Testing for those participating in the BP MS 150. Our state of the art Matrix IC7 are built in with a test for this type of testing.  Then you can enter your FTP number on our bikes and the bikes will adjust to your “sweet spot” of training. Or take that number and use it for your trainer at home


  • Nutritional Lunch & Learns or Talks.  We can provide (at studio or at your location) information on nutrition and how to prepare for the big ride, complete with handouts, samples and presentation


  • Safety Courses.  We can put together a safety course for your group with many of our partners


  • Bike Repair Workshops.  We can put together a basic bike repair workshop for your group so you can make sure everyone knows how to be safe during the ride


  • Strength Training. Your group can come to Ascent to do strength training for cyclists or we can come to you


  • Flexibility.  Most cyclists do not do much flexibility training.  This is essential for a strong performance on the bike.  Our Restorative Stretch classes include rolling, trigger point and stretching to get your team back in shape after a long ride.  We can also come to you to provide this class


  • Support at LaGrange for Stretching.  We can come up and be there for you after your first day to perform stretching on your team to make sure you aren’t too stiff for the next day

Bike Barn Can Give Support to Your Team

Outlined below are the benefits of the Supported Team Program through, which will help teams prepare for the 180 mile journey from Houston to Austin.


BP MS 150 Teams interested in this program will have to provide roster with Name, Last Name and e-mail addresses, and we will make membership/discount cards available to riders at any of Bike Barn’s 8 locations.


Benefits of the program include:


  • Supported Team Discount – Receive 10% off all regularly priced accessories through April 30, 2017.


  • Bicycle Purchase Savings –As a supported team, your teammates will enjoy Bike Barn’s Bike Purchase Rewards Program…


Purchase a bike for:                                      Get instant savings of:

$1000 – $2099.99                                                               $ 100

$2100 – $3599.99                                                               $ 200

$3600   +up                                                                         $ 400



  • Access to Bike Barnmechanics in La Grange to help you with any mechanical issues.


  • Training Rides– Choose the store closest to you and join in on their weekly ride in order to prepare yourself for the trek to Austin. Check the store ride calendar here


  • Fit Clinics– Lead by Bike Barn’s experts in the Custom Fit Studio, these clinics are geared toward increasing your comfort and speed while in the saddle.


  • Monthly Maintenance Clinics– From how to change a flat, to road-side repairs, learn from the pros at the monthly clinics


  • Team Preparation– You’ve got questions, Bike Barn’s got answers.  Consider both Bike Barn and Ascent as your  resource centers.  Visit any Bike Barn’s eight locations or Ascent Fitness and we will help with any question you may have, from buying to training, from apparel to nutrition, and will get you ready for this year’s BP MS 150!
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