02/04/17 Start of the TOS

02/04/17 Start of the TOS

TOS LIVE Indoor Cycling Classes Charity Week

The Tour of Sufferlandria is about doing 9 days of Sufferfest videos in a row. Ascent is an Officially Licensed Facilities that is participating in this charitable event.  STARTING FROM 10 JANUARY — REGISTER: for the Tour by making at least a $10 USD donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation. For every $10 USD you donate, you earn one chance in Sufferfest’s prize pool (so if you donate, say, $100, you earn 10 chances in Sufferfest’s prize pool).


You can participate LIVE at Ascent in the classes. Classes are paid for seperately via our regular system at www.Ascent.Fitness


Then get on and ride the video(s) for each stage of the Tour on the day specified. You DO NOT have to track or tell us or anyone whether you do the stages or how hard you ride. You are a Sufferlandrian, Sufferfest trusts you will do justice to the course. Be sure to join in the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook group -it’s the Official Race Village and where all the trash-talk happens. It’s awesome fun.


Once it’s over, you will have accomplished something truly incredible. HONOR, GLORY and VICTORY will be yours. One week after the ToS, Sufferest will take all the donations and randomly select winners for the prize pool. Winners will be notified by email and on this page.


* It’s not really a race – it’s just you against yourself and whether you can push yourself for 9 days straight.


** Thanks to the wonders of a round planet and multiple timezones, each ‘Day’ on the Tour of Sufferlandria starts and finishes at the International Date Line. Practically, that means you have a 50 hour window in which to complete each stage. We’ll have a complete breakdown nearer the start of the Tour.


If you make it through all the classes you will be eligible through Sufferfest for a chance to win the following prizes:

Thomson Bike Tours Spring Classics Challenge: a 7-day dream cycling holiday in Flanders.

The Wahoo Fitness Ultimate Wahooligan Bundle which includes a new KICKR indoor trainer, a Cycling desk, aKICKR mat, an ELEMNT, a GPS bike computer, a TICKR X heart rate monitor, a RPM speed sensor, and an RPM cadence sensor (included with the KICKR)

A WATTbike

Signed items by the Pros

Plus a ton of other prizes. To see the whole list of prizes, go to https://thesufferfest.com/pages/tour-of-sufferlandria?mc_cid=80bdc91681&mc_eid=c37ffef8b9#prizes

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