09/03/16 SufDay

09/03/16 SufDay

SufDay Charity Event for Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston

When: September 3rd, 2016 9am to 12pm


Help us raise money for bikes for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston by doing three Sufferfest Videos on the Big Screen back-to-back!

The most painful day on the Sufferlandrian calendar approaches. The National Day of Suffering – SUFDay – is the 3rd of September. This day of PAIN, MISERY and AGONY serves as a reminder of our eternal quest for HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY.

The tradition, which goes back centuries and is practiced by Sufferlandrians in more than 100 countries, is as follows:
A terrible challenge is issued: This year, the challenge is to do a three Sufferfest videos back-to-back (no breaks). A portion of the proceeds will help towards buying bike equipment for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston

You take on that terrible challenge and help pick which videos you want to do on our Facebook page. Do your Nation proud. Help choose the three videos you want to do and Suffer with us.

Misery loves company so maybe you find some Sufferlandrians – and maybe even a Couchlandrian in need – to take on the terrible challenge with you.

You wear the national colours – black, white and red – all day.
You do it on 3rd of September

Bask in the GLORY that follows as you sit around a shredded chamois and drink Real Pagne with your friends.

You can participate for $25 a class or do all 3 for $60!


VOTE ON WHICH VIDEOS YOU WANT TO SEE ON OUR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.  There is a complete listing of videos on the discussion area.


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