Featured Yoga Instructor: Carissa Barcus | Yoga

Featured Yoga Instructor: Carissa Barcus | Yoga

The classes she teaches:  Tuesday and Thursday Power Flow Yoga at 12:10pm.

11070601_1044453262249401_7520470767584974126_nGet to know Carissa with these 10 facts!

  1. Hometown: Houston
  2. On the weekend she is: Spending time with my family and doing all the fun fitness activities I can squeeze in.
  3. Favorite post workout snack: Hard boiled eggs, usually on a salad of some sort. I carry all my post workout meals with me.
  4. Her favorite song to jam out to: So, so many. If I am doing hard cardio, I like hip hop/rap, and if I’m just chilling/lifting/doing yoga, I like Lana del Rey type stuff. No favorites (at least not appropriate to mention here)!
  5. Certifications/Degrees: 200hr RYT, Baptiste Level One, Baptiste Art of Assisting.
  6. How she describes her classes: Challenging invigorating, alignment based, dynamic and FUN! Expect to sweat!
  7. Favorite stretch: Well, I’m a yogi so I love to stretch but I’ll go with Triangle (trikonasana). This pose strengthens and lengthens through the inner thighs, hips and pelvic floor as well as opening the shoulders and lengthening the spine.
  8. Places she has lived: New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston.
  9. Favorite Spot in Houston: Home!
  10. Biggest Fitness Accomplishment: My biggest fitness accomplishment would have to be my first half marathon. I’ll never forget that day. I’ve since complete 7 half marathons, 2 marathons and even got involved in yoga because of running. Before then I had never run more than 10 miles so the extra 3. 1 was pure heart.

Carissa began exploring yoga when she was a teenager in dance, using it to increase flexibility.  She did not maintain a regular practice over the years but kept coming back to it trying different styles here and there.  After becoming a mother in 2010 she began to dedicate her life to fitness and health.  Running is her main sport and in 2012, after having her second child, she began incorporating yoga back into her routine for the benefits it gave her running and the savasana naps she would get at the end of class  after sleepless nights with an infant at home.  Baptiste power vinyasa yoga is her love because of the athleticism of the practice and the source principals behind the style.  The teachings give her access to living her biggest life possible on and off the mat.

Carissa graduated from the Big Teacher Empowerment Program on July 2014.  She is a 200hr RYT with the Yoga Alliance.  She loves what she learns from her students each time she teaches, giving her access to deepening her own practice. Carissa is dedicated to showing her children, women and her entire community that you CAN do it all and have a fun, exciting, happy life.

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