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Spinning Classes in Houston that use advanced heart rate training, power meters and avatars advancing performance and/or weight loss to a far greater scale than regular indoor cycling classes. Your bike is hooked up to an avatar on screen to get real-time feedback and ongoing measurement of your performance and goals.
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Indoor Cycling, Spinning Classes, & Group Fitness Classes in Houston


First class heart rate training technology meets virtual reality in a spin class. Create your personalized avatar beforehand and your bike will directly communicate to simulate your real actions onscreen during the indoor cycling class. Heart rate training allows for true interval and fitness training in your spinning class. No more guessing how much resistance you should put on your bike! All our classes use FTP (functional threshold power) Coach-By-Color technology.  No more guessing how much resistance you need to put on your bike to get better.  Take our PULSE spin classes to get that full 45 minutes of cardio in or our EDGE Cycle to push your performance and goals to a higher level. Our group classes like HIIT and Restorative Stretch will make sure that you are getting that full body workout and stretch in.


If weight loss is your goal, you will see a consistent loss in weight by attending 3 to 5 times a week with proper nutrition. If performance is your goal, our power meters and heart rate monitors guarantee gain in endurance, power, and speed on the bike.

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Upcoming Challenges
  • Go to 4 Indoor Cycling Classes in a 7 Day Period and get 4 free classes (to any class) free the next week. Last motivation to get that last summer burn in to look great for Labor Day! This is a 7 day pass for......

  • As a trainer for many years, I have seen it over and over, where people refuse to commit to something because they don’t have the time right now or are too stressed.  Commitment does not have to be all or nothing.  In fact, I truly......

  • Download Your Spin Class Data to Strava and Other Apps   We have added the ability to download workout data as files in FIT format. FIT or Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer is a file format used by many fitness companies to transfer and save workout data.......

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1911 W Alabama St.

Houston, TX 77098

(832) 925-7473


Additional parking available in back of building off of Hazard St, near entrance of red brick walls.

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